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Soup of Adriatic mollusks and crustaceans with bread chips


  • · Striped prawns 8 pcs
  • · Grooved carpet shell clams 100 g
  • · Mussels 100 g
  • · Scampi 8 pcs
  • · Mediterranean scallops 8 pcs
  • · Queen scallops 12 pcs
  • · Sea bass fillets 4 pcs
  • · Celery as needed
  • · Carrots as needed
  • · Onions as needed
  • · White wine 3 cl
  • · Fresh thyme and oregano to taste
  • · Toasted bread as needed


For the bisque: clean the prawns and scampi, removing their shells, and place them in the refrigerator. Sauté chopped celery, carrots and onions together with the shells in a saucepan. Once toasted, cover with cold water, simmer for 90 minutes and strain at the end. For the mollusks: in a hot pan, add the mussels, clams, and the queen scallops. Sauté, then simmer with wine and cook covered for 3-4 minutes. For the sea bass and Mediterranean scallops: sauté the sea bass and scallops in a pan with thyme, extra virgin olive oil and fresh oregano.In a bowl, place the fish starting with the sea bass fillet in the middle. Garnish with fresh thyme, toasted bread and finish by pouring the hot bisque over it.


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