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25 October 2021

La Marca certified as a Sustainable Winery

We are now proud to announce that La Marca has reached a new important milestone: Equalitas “Sustainable Winery” certification.

“As a cooperative winery, sustainability is part of the company DNA, – explains President Valerio Cescon – and achieving this goal has allowed us to come full circle, a virtuous path that our founding members undertook with foresight more than 50 years ago, believing that through the production of high-quality wines it was possible to create the premises for a safer future for our community.”

This certification is one of the most complete that a company can adopt because it is based on an integrated approach that brings together economic, environmental and social aspects. A distinction that guarantees protection to consumers and the territory, because it stimulates the estate to improve continuously.

“This acknowledgment makes us proud, – continues President Cescon – but it does not represent an endpoint for us, but is part of a path with solid roots in the past.”

Since being founded in 1968, La Marca has social responsibility as a cornerstone of its corporate mission, with the aim of promoting the economic realization of members through the territory’s development and growth, creating well-being and prosperity not only in the present but for generations to come as well.

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